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Ice Gel Pack
Refrigerant gel ice packs are used in various industries to keep the products chilled. Non toxic, these ice packs are also helpful in headaches, fever, sprains, bruises, sport injuries, and other ailments.

Meter And Monitor
The category of meter and monitor includes Covid-19 antigen lateral flow test device, which has at least 6 months of expiry, from the time of order dispatch. This device or kit is only for adults aged 18 years and above.

Patient Care Products
Talking about patient care products, digital clinical thermometers are very crucial in the current era. It is ideal to instantly check the temperature of the human body at the medical centers such as maternity centers, dental clinics, hospitals, and clinics.

Acupuncture And Sujok Needles
The range of Acupuncture And Sujok Needles is a part of natural therapy which helps in treating various ailments of the human body, particularly pain. We are providing these needles in complete sterile form.

Hot And Cold Pack
The range of hot and cold packs is provided with the features of simple to use, easy to handle, and cost-effectiveness. These are provided in different shapes and colors. Apart, the capacities of these packs are customizable.

Acupressure Products
We are offering acupressure products that are designed to restore health and balance to the body's channels of energy. In addition to this, these natural products like face roll massagers also help in regulating the negative energy and positive energy.

Eye And Face Mask
The gel is present in eye and face masks, which are made from condensate water and purified water. These therapeutic gel masks are constructed of eco-friendly, nontoxic condensate and purified water. These have a skin-friendly matte surface.

Surgical Products
We are offering surgical products that are helpful in the hospitals for carrying out surgeries, treatments and assessments of various types. The latex examination gloves are pre-sterilized and are offered at the elbow length.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
We are offering fingertip pulse oximeters that are used for determining how effectively your blood is oxygenated. These are used by individuals and medical workers to monitor the health of persons suffering from illnesses that alter blood oxygen levels.

Back And Lumbar Support
Cushions are an important part of our range of back and lumbar support products. These are a type of orthopedic cushions that help to relieve back discomfort once it has begun. With regular use, your posture and health will become better.

We are offering four types of massagers, including mimo massager that are a natural way to tone your muscles and get a deep tissue massage. These are particularly important before and after a workout. However, these can be used anytime on the body.

Heating Pad
We are offering magic gel heating pads which have wide applications and uses around the house, office, or other locations. These products are most commonly used to alleviate bodily pain, as it is proven that heat treatment is beneficial in treating muscular and back pain.

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